Master Server

Public server list

NameDescriptionVersionPassword ProtectedPlayersDedicated server
GeoChanGeoChan OpenRCT20.0.7-17Yes1/16No
Robin mag dik0.0.7-18Yes1/16No
Realism 24/7Realism 24/7 - Members Only -0.0.7-19No1/11No
MAR-Rocks's Server0.0.7-19No1/11No
Wild Wild West WorldThink of a better description0.0.5-21Yes1/16No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_0]InductionJoin our [email protected] members accepted here.0.0.7-19No1/27No
Tycoon Paradise -- Server 1Global OpenRCT Community - Member Server0.0.7-19No1/25No
New Element MultiplayerHosted by Tycoon Paradise. For more info sign up at www.nedesigns.com0.0.7-19No1/25No
TP Collaboration ServerReserved for live collab projects between TP members.0.0.7-19No1/10No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_REAL]Join our [email protected]0.0.7-19No1/20No
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #1비밀번호: 나랏말32 / 권한 신청 및 문의:
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #2비밀번호: 자유 / 권한 신청 및 문의:
Zesty's Server0.0.6-33Yes1/16No
New Realism ParkNew Realism Park - Lots of Access best will stay0.0.7-19No1/16No
Showcase Server - Port of EntryCredit goes to the original map creator0.0.7-19No1/30No
Mass Destruction [All Cheats Enabled]All Cheats Enabled - Everything ON - Full Access0.0.7-19No1/69No
Mozar's Community [US: I]Join our Community:
Tycoon Paradise -- Server 2Global OpenRCT Community - Advanced Server0.0.7-18No1/25No
Tycoon Paradise -- Server 1Global OpenRCT Community - Member Server0.0.7-18No1/25No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_3] Collaboration ServerCollaboration between 3 people.0.0.7-18No1/9No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_1]Join our [email protected]0.0.7-19No1/27No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_2]AdvancedMoT Advanced Server0.0.7-19No1/20No
Tycoon Paradise -- Server 2Global OpenRCT Community - Advanced Server0.0.7-19No1/25No
Tycoon Paradise -- Server 3Global OpenRCT Community - Elite Server0.0.7-19No1/25No
Project MercuryIt's a great big beautiful tomorrow - Hosted by Tycoon Paradise0.0.7-19Yes1/5No
VentureRealism - Server IIReserved for Intensive and Collaborative Projects. Current - Radcot0.0.7-19No1/11No
Mozar's Community [EU: II]Join our Community:
Mozar's Community [EU: I]Join our Community:
VentureRealism - Server IThe Premier Realism Community. Join our discord:
Blazing Empire ServerBlazing Empire Server - An upcoming new server! Enjoy your visit!0.0.7-19No1/11No
Mozar's Free4All [New? Join us here.]Join our Community: