Master Server

Public server list

NameDescriptionVersionPassword ProtectedPlayersDedicated server
DyseDyse server0.1.2-43Yes1/16No
Gamer DenServer for the GD Telegram chat.0.1.1-17No1/16No
Deurklink Multiplayer
Durrless ServerNo Durrs Allowed.0.1.1-17Yes1/6No
Real Replacements - CSO0.1.3-3No1/15No
Real Replacements - NCSO0.1.3-3No1/15No
Spoopy ServerThe Spoopy Server0.1.2-37Yes1/32No
The Butts GangThe Butts Gang0.1.2-30Yes1/16No
Mozar's Community [EU: I]Join our Community:
(_SVR_3 ManOfTeal Induction Server 2)Join our [email protected]0.1.3-5No1/16No
Mozar's Community [EU: II]Join our Community:
(_SVR_2 ManOfTeal Advanced Builders)MoT Advanced Server0.1.3-5No1/10No
(_SVR_1 ManOfTeal Proving Grounds)Join our [email protected], http://chat.manofteal.com0.1.3-5No1/16No
Skylander's Co-Op serverYou're a daisy if you do.0.1.3-5No1/50No
(_SVR_0 ManOfTeal Induction Server)Join our [email protected], https://chat.manofteal.com0.1.3-5No1/16No
Adhoc's Dumb Server - FreebuildWelcome to hell! Join our discord!
Mozar's Free4All [New? Join us here.]Join our Community:
Mozar's Community [US: I]Join our Community:
Deurklink Group Park
(SSS) StuphChicken's Sandbox ServerCasual Server for Freebuilding0.1.3-5No1/25No
RCT FanClubCome relax, chill and build0.1.3-5No1/50No
Mozar's Community Pro Build [US: II]Join our Community:
[GER] CBO World 1.0Official CBO Gameserver0.1.3-3No1/16No
Lunaland Project (Private Build)0.1.3-5No1/16No
Taunt BotTaunt Bot Server0.1.3-5No1/12No
Showcase Server - KnoxVegas by MaverixCredit goes to the original map creator0.1.3-5No1/30No
Mozar's Community [EU: III]Join our Community:
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #1비밀번호 조회, 권한 신청 및 문의:
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #2비밀번호 조회 및 문의:
(GTW's Nostalgia Server)RCT 1 and 2 Scenarios. Home Of Exploding Mini Golf! Discord:
UltraRealServer20.1.3-0Yes2/16No (server_desc)0.1.3-3Yes1/16No