Master Server

Public server list

NameDescriptionVersionPassword ProtectedPlayersDedicated server
SnowMBs F2P Server! #1 (headless)Have Fun!0.0.6-28No1/16No
All by myself0.0.6-28Yes1/16No
Celestial's Server0.0.6-29No1/11No
WATER PARK0.0.6-29Yes2/16No
Campaign Alpha0.0.6-28Yes2/2No
Lakehead U Server0.0.5-19Yes1/16No
Mark's Bathroom Bungalow0.0.6-26Yes1/6No
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #1비밀번호 및 권한 문의:
Josh's beta server - Just have fun New map 10/130.0.5-21No1/11No
Tycoon Paradise - Server 1Dedicated Realism - Public Chat, Member Building0.0.6-28No1/25No
DarkScar Realism - PrivateJoin us at darkscar.net0.0.5-18No1/16No
Tycoon Paradise - Server 2Dedicated Realism - Member Chat, Advanced Building0.0.6-28No1/25No
Skeleton War Anarchy ServerFull Anarchy Server for members who have proven their worth. The only rule is there are no rules0.0.6-28Yes1/32No
Tom's Greenland0.0.6-28Yes1/16No
Jord-Bord's 6 Flag Funventure!A personal server for my buds and I.0.0.5-21Yes1/16No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_0]InductionJoin our [email protected] members accepted here.0.0.6-29No3/27No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_3] Contest ServerThis Contests Theme: Pirate, Starts: 16th Jan, Ends: 30 Jan.0.0.6-29No2/27No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_2]AdvancedMoT Advanced Server0.0.6-29No1/20No
Mass Destruction [All Cheats Enabled]All Cheats Enabled - Everything ON - Full Access0.0.6-29No2/69No
Mozar's Verified Community [EU]Join our Community:
Mozar's Community [EU]Join our Community:
Redman's parkAll are welcome :)0.0.6-29No2/50No
Nick's Amazing Server #2TOTAL FFA with auto-restart0.0.5-12No1/20No
New Element Multiplayer - hosted by Tycoon ParadiseSign up at www.nedesigns.com0.0.6-28No2/25No
Tycoon Paradise - Server 3Dedicated Realism - Competition server0.0.6-28Yes1/25No
Josh's server - Realistic building. New map - 12/15Tiered permissions. Build trust, more perms. Don't be a griefer. Try to stay out of everyone else's way and don't modify/delete others' work.0.0.5-21No1/30No
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #2 (비밀번호: 자유)문의:
[ManOfTeal_SVR_1]Join our [email protected]0.0.6-29No2/27No
[ManOfTeal_SVR_REAL]Join our [email protected]0.0.6-29No1/20No
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