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Public server list

NameDescriptionVersionPassword ProtectedPlayersDedicated server
PVTD's Advanced ServerDo not ask for perms, go on our freebuild server first.0.2.0-5No1/20No
Ultra Giga Nigga Park
Bomb Shelter0.2.0-0Yes1/16No
PVTD's Freebuild (New players)Show of your creations!0.2.0-5No1/20No
Planet Coaster France0.1.3-15Yes1/16No
puru puru party parkshit0.2.0-0Yes1/30No
Lips Gaming: The Home of Memes0.2.0-0Yes1/16No
#The Fiber Network.Fasistic comunity0.2.0-3Yes1/64No
Mozar's Community [US: I]Join our Community:
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #2비밀번호 조회 및 문의:
[GER] CBO WorldDeutschsprachiger OpenRCT2 Server [OpenRCT2 stable!]0.1.2-43No1/16No
[KOR] 텔크랜드( 서버 #1비밀번호 조회, 권한 신청 및 문의:
LAN Partywhere the party is at0.2.0-5Yes1/16No
MassaCoaster TycoonOfficiele Studio Massa Server!0.2.0-0Yes1/99No
Mozar's Community [EU: II]Join our Community:
Mozar's Community [EU: I] ProJoin our Community:
RaptarrI am a ploopy ploop0.2.0-5Yes1/2No
Beer CoastR'UsMerely mature brains welcome0.2.0-5No1/16No
TheyCantHandle Official ServerFreebuilds Server0.2.0-5Yes1/255No
(GTW's Nostalgia Server) Contest ServerThe one Year Anniversary of GTW Nostalgia Server contest map.0.2.0-5Yes1/30No
The Strachan Surprise0.2.0-3Yes1/16No
Skylander's Co-Op Server!Come on and join the party!0.2.0-5No1/50No
Mozar's Free4All [New? Join us here.]Join our Community:
Mass Destruction [All Cheats Enabled]All Cheats Enabled - Everything ON - Full Access0.2.0-5No1/69No
Zaxter the Wolf's RCT2 ServerPrivatized for maximum enjoyment0.2.0-3Yes1/5No
(GTW's Nostalgia Server)RCT 1 and 2 Scenarios. Home of Exploding Mini Golf! Join our discord: P2dH9b3 0.2.0-5No4/25No
it one dem0.2.0-0Yes3/3No
(_SVR_0 ManOfTeal Induction Server)Join our [email protected], https://chat.manofteal.com0.2.0-4No1/16No
Booga's Server - No ScrubsNo Scrubs0.2.0-5No1/16No